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Shoulder Joint Replacement

Don't live through life in pain. See if you're a good candidate for shoulder joint replacement.

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Shoulder Instability Surgery

Shoulder pain from a previous injury? We can help.

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Rotator Cuff Repair

Get back to doing the things you love with a rotator cuff repair procedure.

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Reverse Shoulder Replacement

What is a reverse total shoulder replacement? Find out more and see if you're a good candidate.

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Capsular Release for Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a common cause of shoulder pain and stiffness in the adult population.

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Shoulder Fracture Repair

Proximal humeral fractures (PHF) are common fractures of the upper extremity.

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Meet Dr. Holloway

Knoxville Shoulder Surgeon

Dr. G. Brian Holloway is a board-certified orthopedic shoulder surgeon who treats rotator cuff tears, the arthritic shoulder, instability of the shoulder, and sports injuries of the shoulder. He has been providing care to patients in Knoxville and the surrounding area for more than twenty years.

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Patient Testimonials

“After healing for 13 weeks, I have realized that my shoulder and arm are back in a “normal” range of motion, and that is in the miraculous realm! Dr. Holloway did an amazing surgery to reattach torn ligaments and other damaged areas of my shoulder. He is a gifted surgeon and I am grateful for his skillful work. I would highly recommend him as a surgeon for rotator cuff surgery. He did this surgery when many clinics were shutting down because of the coronavirus and he worked through the many required restrictions to do this surgery.”

Voretta F.

Educational Shoulder Articles

5 Helpful Assistive Devices To Use After Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder surgery can help you get back to doing all the activities you love without pain, but that process won’t happen overnight. For many patients, their shoulder and arm will be immobilized for weeks until they are cleared for physical therapy, and from there they may still be months away from normal shoulder movement. During […]

Should I Get A Second Opinion On My Shoulder?

A problem with your shoulder can make normal actions extremely uncomfortable, so it’s important that you connect with your primary care physician or a shoulder specialist in order to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. But is that one examination enough, or is it worth it to seek out a second opinion? In today’s […]

Treating Osteoarthritis Of The Acromioclavicular (AC) Joint

Your shoulder is made up of three bones, the scapula, the humerus and the clavicle. The part of your scapula that makes up the top of the shoulder and connects with your clavicle is called the acromion, and the joint where the acromion and the clavicle join is called the AC joint. This joint is […]

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