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Meet Dr. Holloway

Knoxville Shoulder Surgeon

Dr. G. Brian Holloway is a board-certified orthopedic shoulder surgeon who treats rotator cuff tears, the arthritic shoulder, instability of the shoulder, and sports injuries of the shoulder. He has been providing care to patients in Knoxville and the surrounding area for more than twenty years.

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Patient Testimonials

  • After healing for 13 weeks, I have realized that my shoulder and arm are back in a “normal” range of motion, and that is in the miraculous realm! Dr. Holloway did an amazing surgery to reattach torn ligaments and other damaged areas of my shoulder. He is a gifted surgeon and I am grateful for his skillful work. I would highly recommend him as a surgeon for rotator cuff surgery. He did this surgery when many clinics were shutting down because of the coronavirus and he worked through the many required restrictions to do this surgery.

    Voretta F.
  • I had heard terrible stories about rotator cuff surgery, the severe pain, and the long rehab process but I must say that I couldn’t be happier with my recovery and the impeccable care given to me by Dr. Holloway! He and his team (PA Cassy Piper and BSN, RN, Mary Cate) were first class from the initial evaluation until my release 3 months later. Thanks again for getting this 68 year quickly back to full mobility and to the active lifestyle that I previously enjoyed!
    Gary C.

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